How to join

All Battelle Film Club film series are open to the public. It is not necessary to join the film club in order to attend.

Membership in the Battelle Film Club is open to anyone who loves movies. Many of our members are employees of Battelle, but many others are not. We welcome anyone with an enthusiasm for film who wants to help bring great films to the Tri-Cities. If you like coming to our films but feel your film education needs a boost, come join us!


Any BFC member who has worked during the prior film series may participate in selecting films for the next series. If you're willing to invest a few hours of your time and you'd like to make your voice heard, join the Battelle Film Club! On show nights, members sell tickets, are responsible for the after-show refreshments, introduce the film to the audience, and project the film. Other members maintain the website, manage the club's finances, book the films, and design, print, and mail the flyers.

The club meets monthly at a member's home, the second Thursday of the month. Email for information on where the next meeting will be held.

Field Trip to Seattle International Film Festival

The annual field trip to the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) is always a great success, with attendees watching movies until their eyes roll around in their heads and they are unable to name the films they have seen earlier that day. The record, held by Leela Sasaki, is 20 films seen over one long weekend, with Leigh Williams coming in a close second with 27 seen from Thursday (opening night) to Tuesday's 7:30pm show. And you are free to ask: Can you even remember what you saw? Aren't they all in a big muddle? And the answers are -- yes! and no, they aren't. And it's really fun!

It is not necessary to be a member to come on this trip.


No membership fees at all, so it's a pretty good deal.

For more information about the Battelle Film Club, becoming a member, or the movies in the current series, email .